Sunday, June 12, 2011

Purses just ain't my thang

I have to admit.

I don't get the whole "Oh my gosh I got this new Coach purse and it cost $300 and oh my gosh oh my gosh." Don't get me wrong. I can spend $300 in a hot second on any number of frivolous things. Purses just aren't one of them.

Sorry. I know I'm way out of fashion when it comes to my purses. My students (and coworkers) have let me know that my purse situation is completely unacceptable.

For example: Christmas 2009 I grudgingly spent $10 on a new purse at Target. And I carried that nasty thing until today. Oops. A few weeks ago I added some leftover fabric flowers that didn't sell at school as a hail mary. Didn't work. The blood stain left on the purse from a beef liver that we used in lab (yes, I did wash it several times - it was clean, just stained) sort of took away from the funky fabric flowers. Again....oops.

So, I found an even better deal at good ol' Hobby Lobby. They have this great new aisle that has all sorts of ready-to-embroider items, such as this purse. I bit the bullet (all $7.99 of it) and bought the purse and put my monogram on it tonight.

I think I look a little more sophisticated...what do you think?

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  1. I told my mom about this blog. She says to tell you that she's VERY interested in having you do some things for her as she "always needs something for a grandchild." She'll be in touch.

    You're so TALENTED!