Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Custom Pillow

A wonderful lady asked me to create a pillow out of a cross-stitch she made in 1989! Her daughter (who is equally wonderful - I taught her two years ago) is going to Louisiana Tech in the fall and she wanted her to have this keepsake from her mom.

So, I was pretty nervous. I mean, most projects can be redone if I screw something up. Not this one!!

I was so thankful that she bought the fabric because I was so worried that I would pick out something she wouldn't like. Her daughter loves Vera Bradley stuff, and her bedding is black and white, so the pillow will be a great accent.

On the front is the cross-stitch, and on the back I used the two fabrics to create an envelope-style pillow with a chunky black button. So, the pillow is cute either way she puts it on her bed.

Thanks for the order, Kim! I had a great time!

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