Friday, June 3, 2011


Welcome to Stitched! I am starting an at-home embroidery soon as I figure this darn machine out. Ha! All kidding aside, here's a little about me:

1. I am a Christ-follower. I strive daily to be more like Him and to share His truth. I fail more often than I succeed, but I'm so thankful for the grace He extends.

2. I am a wife and mother! We have two beautiful children, Jack and Sydney. My husband, Clint, is a forester.

3. I am a foster parent. We have an exciting, challenging calling that has blessed us beyond description.

4. I used to be a teacher :) Loved that career, but all these kids running around just demanded more than I could give working full-time.

Explore this little blog of mine. There are some tabs at the top of page that will show pictures of some various projects....some are still in the works.

Follow along as I learn about embroidery. I'll for sure let you know when I'm ready for orders :) Just click "Follow" on the right of the page.

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