Friday, June 3, 2011

Here we go!

My embroidery machine (or "monogramming machine" as many people call it) came in the mail on Wednesday! Because everything shipped separately, I only got the machine and the bobbin thread the first day.

So, Wednesday night I stared at it.

And learned to wind the bobbin.

And that was all :)

Thursday evening some of the thread and the stabilizer came in, so I found some scrap fabric, learned to hoop it, and put Sydney's name on the fabric. (And yes, I am fully aware that the thread does not match the polka-dots. I only have six colors of thread right now. Lay off. The rest is coming Saturday :)

And that all took me until 11:00 p.m.

I don't have the software for the machine yet. That should come in tonight. The poor UPS man is driving his truck up our hill for four days in a row. He looked thrilled about it. The software will allow me to resize the fonts and do all kinds of amazingly technical things. Like centering stuff.

Oooo, and applique'.

And, my business cards came in today. You know, because I'm professional and stuff.

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