Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Shirts 2011

I have been working hard over the past week on shirts for fall holidays! I order the plain shirts online, and I am making my first order on Friday! So, if you place an order by Friday, Sept. 23rd, you are guaranteed to have your shirt shipped on/before October 5th. Order early :)

I did a couple of designs that can be used for boy or girl:
Pumpkin shirts. Love these. The girl shirts have a yellow ribbon...you know, to "girl it up"
$25 shipped.

Candy corn shirts. I love these because they're Halloween without being all evil and creepy. Who doesn't love candy corn??
$23 shipped.

Acorns. Clint's favorite, of course.
$23 shipped.

And I love this shirt!!
$23 shipped.

One more for Halloween. Boys is a spider (could go for girls, too). Girls shirt is a bat with a bow.
$23 shipped.

A name can be added to any shirt (like "Sydney" is under the bat shirt)

Email orders to stitchedbyamanda@hotmail.com

Remember, order before Friday, Sept 23 to be in the first group of shipments.

Thanks, y'all!


  1. Can you fit more than one letter on the candy corn?

  2. Whitney, yes! Just email me at stitchebyamanda@hotmail.com with what you want and what size. Thanks!